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  Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe
  Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene composite pipe
  Steel lined with polyurethane wear-resisting pipe
  The tailing pipeline
  Sand pumping pipeline
  Lining plastic pipe
  Chemical wear-resisting pipe
  Mine conveying pipeline
  Seawater pipeline
  Slurry transportation pipeline
  Pumping vessel with wear-resistant tube
  Made of wear-resistant pipe dredger

Name:Cangzhou Boyang pipeline equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Address:Hebei province Yanshan County Pu wa Industrial Zone

Cangzhou Boyang pipeline equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe, tailing pipe, sand pumping pipe, pipe dredge pipe, desulfurization, steel plastic composite pipe, steel pipe and other pipe abrasion resistant polyurethane series, widely used in mining, coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry, chlor alkali chemical industry, power plant, pipeline dredging engineering, environmental protection water treatment and other industries. And with the pipeline engineering survey, design, production, installation and perfect after-sales service system。
    The company is located in the pipeline equipment manufacturing base in China - Yanshan, covering an area of 130000 square meters. Over the years dedicated to the mines, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, dredging, environmental protection industries supporting the production and processing. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe, the company's Tailings pipeline, pumping sand pipe, plastic lined pipe, steel lined with polyurethane pipeline and a series of products, and the Research Institute and the domestic each big mining, mining units, energy companies, chemical industry, oil refining, dredging and other well-known enterprises in the industry and science have formed a strategic partnership. And continuous product research and development, to create a series of products of more economy, more efficient and more environmentally friendly。
    Cangzhou Boyang Pipe Group Co Ltd has a set of technical and sales as one of the younger, more vibrant team. Have a professional sales engineers to provide a whole set of solutions, and has a modern management system and mature. From the production, distribution to the installation, debugging and customer service has complete all in one service system. Companies use modern management means, to good quality, fast speed, reasonable prices to provide customers with efficient, high quality, timely service, offer the solid guarantee and support for the customer's production and operation。                                                                                                      

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